Graphic Novels (we're not looking for serialised comics)
For the Publication period 2020

Things that we need to know.

1. Who is working on the book/comic?
2. An elevator pitch followed by short synopsis. What's it about? How does the story unfold?
3. An example of the work to date (if any art is completed)

Things you need to know.
1. We don't make superhero comics (unless this is the best idea ever, and no one has ever made anything like it or even remotely similar to it… ever)
2. We are creator owned, as a result we don't 'buy' the works from the maker. You'd retain at least 50% of the rights to the title, dependant on the contract terms.
3. We prefer complete creator teams, we don't match up artists and writers.
4. We're open to any genre. Comedy, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, westerns, real-life, crime, romance... just not the guys in capes and tight pants. Ideally, we're looking for mature and well structured genre stories, and socially engaging books. We don’t accept exploitative comics.
5. We're NOT looking for single issues i.e ongoing series. We'd like graphic novels/complete books. This can be in anything from a small album (Asterix/TinTin style) 48 pages to 288 pages books.

How long will it take?
Response times vary greatly. If you haven’t heard from us within 6 months drop us a friendly reminder by email and we will attempt to reply in a reasonable amount of time.

Send Submissions to
email: subs at BHPcomics.com