Plagued: Volume Two


When a deadly pandemic almost wiped out the world, witches got the blame and became the prey of witch hunters like Mackie and his dog Dex. Mackie believed in the cause, until the day he crossed paths with Miranda, a witch who showed him that the truth behind the plague was far more horrifying than he could have ever imagined

Now, Miranda, Mackie and Dex are living as outlaws, on the run from corrupt authorities with a mission to end the plague once and for all. The dynamic duo the pair tour futuristic Scotland, clearing up the plague wherever they go, but their enemies are never far behind. They think things are bad. But they’re about to get a heck of a lot worse.

About the Creators

Gary Chudleigh is a Glasgow based writer, best known for Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles and the one-shot reboot of the DC Thomson character, The Invisible Dick. He’s been writing, editing and self-publishing comics for several years, working with publishers such as DC Thomson, Grayhaven Comic and FutureQuake Press.

Tanya Roberts is a comic book artist from Edinburgh who, after beginning her career in animation, made a bold start in comics as the artist on Star Wars: Clone Wars. Since then she has worked on Boom!'s Toy Story comic and How to Train Your Dragon with Titan Comics. 


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