BHP Launch Full Colour Project

BHP Comics are thrilled to announce that we have been recognised for Creative Scotland funding for our Full Colour Project. Full Colour aims to engage and mentor young creators of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) origin in the creation of comics, with the end goal of publishing a comics anthology of their work. This project will be led by Nyla Ahmad, SICBA chair and comics researcher, and Sha Nazir, a comics artist and BHP's publisher.

The Full Colour programme will offer mentoring to young people, aged between 14 and 26 years, from diverse backgrounds, with a focus on BAME individuals. The project will launch a graphic novel anthology at Glasgow Comic Con in June 2018. BHP have received £49,160 from Creative Scotland's Open Fund to deliver the project.

Full Colour aims to promote, nurture and amplify creative talent from young people living in Scotland who are often not represented in the industry and by doing so, to work towards changing the landscape of comics in the future, making it a more welcoming and inclusive industry.


'We are incredibly excited about Full Colour and the prospect, not only on mentoring young creators as they make their own work and work towards our graphic novel anthology, but of the long-term legacy of the project which aims to populate comics with more creative diversity’ says Sha Nazir, publisher at BHP Comics.

Jenny Niven, Head of Literature, Languages & Publishing at Creative Scotland, said: “This is such a brilliant, exciting program and we are hugely proud to be able to support it. BHP have created an inspirational, aspirational program which will support underrepresented voices within the arts in Scotland in their journey as creators. Mentoring really works and the participants in this program are going to learning from the most established comic and graphic novel publishers in Scotland. Creative Scotland are committed to supporting diversity in publishing and this program is a step in the right direction.”

Submissions to the project will be opened from Tuesday 5th of December and more information can be found at


Notes to Editors: 

'BAME employees now make up 12.6% of the creative industries workforce.'

'Whilst an 11% BAME workforce is near the national average, the number of creative industries practitioners in London (and the high percentage of BAME workers there) mean that the average percentage of BAME workforce for a sector with this distribution should be around 17.8% to match the diversity of its local populations'



Heather Palmer