the Mighty women of science

Art & Colours by Clare Forrest
Text by Fiona Gordon and Kate Livingston

Young Adult | Non-Fiction | 48 Page Graphic Novel
R.R.P £9.99 | ISBN: 978-1-910775-06-6

The Mighty Women of Science began as a self-published zine by creator Clare Forrest. With help from friends Fiona Gordon and Kate Livingston the zine she created became The Mighty Women of Science alphabet book. Having worked in communicating science, Clare began to see that women were largely written out of the history of science. She began collating the life stories and work of some of the most influential and underrated female scientists. Forrest's alphabet book begins with the story of its creation and a time machine, naturally. Once back in time Clare and Fiona begin to detail the achievements of women in science from astronaut Valentina Tereshkova to zoologist Birute Galdikas. This immersive all ages book is a great teaching tool or simply a great way to start your own journey learning about The Mighty Women of Science.


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