Written by Jack Lothian
Art & Colours by Sha Nazir
Lettering by Colin Bell

Fiction | Humour | 84 Page TPB
R.R.P £7.99 | ISBN: 978-1910775004

When fast food worker Sha blows his life savings on creating a comic called Laptop Guy, it’s a move that might not just cause his finances to crumble… but his entire world as well. Especially he starts to fear that his own fictional creation is haunting him…

Laptop Guy collects the first three issues of the critically acclaimed full colour sitcomic, with an introduction by John Wagner (A History of Violence, Judge Dredd). Excerpts from Laptop Guy have also been featured in magazines such as Comic Heroes and Starburst. 

“…a biting look at the world we live in…”
– Ain’t It Cool News

“…the ideas come good, the dialogue turns cynical, nasty and works so much better”
– Forbidden Planet 

“If you’re into comics (and the people who make them) then you will want to read Laptop Guy”
– Starburst Magazine

…a biting look at the world we live in…
— Ain’t It Cool News