Full Colour Mentoring Project

Full Colour is a year long mentoring and development programme that will support and amplify the voices of comics writers and artists from BAME backgrounds living in Scotland. The project will culminate in the publication of a graphic anthology of their work to launch at Glasgow Comic Con 2018 on June 30th!

Led by Sha Nazir and Nyla Ahmad, BHP will mentor the creators through a selection of workshops and face to face meetings with a focus on creative practice, editorial work, networking and career development at a national and local level. The young people involved in the project will contribute and collaborate to make the aforementioned graphic anthology as well as work towards producing their own work, leading to those involved forming a portfolio for future development. The publication and programme will be the first of its kind in the UK. By encouraging this group to make comics and develop a creative practice we hope to change the landscape of comics in the future, making it a far more inclusive and welcoming industry.

This project is aimed towards people of BAME origins aged 14-26.

Submissions open on Tuesday 5th of December. Please fill in the submission form and equalities form (for monitoring purposes).


Find out more at our meet-ups in Edinburgh and Glasgow!