Full Colour Mentoring Programme

Submission FAQs


  • I do not live in Scotland, can I apply?
    As there are many face to face and workshop based sessions for the project in Scotland, those who do not reside in Scotland would not fully benefit from the project. The funding is also specifically from Scottish funding bodies and is intended to enrich the Scottish arts scene. Submissions to BHP in general are open, however, for non-Scottish creators. Please email subs@bhpcomics.com for further information.


  • I am a part-time resident of Scotland, can I apply?

Part-time residents can apply so long as they can commit to attending mentoring sessions and events in Scotland. If you would like to discuss your situation as a part-time resident, please email nyla@bhpcomics.com.


  • I am going to be 14 next year. Can I apply?
    Entrants must be at least 14 at the time of submission.


  • I am going to be 27 next year. Can I apply?
    You can apply if you are 26 at the time of submission.

  • I'm over the age of 26. Can I apply?
    As this project is run as part of Event Scotland's Year of the Young People we only accept submissions from 14 – 26 year olds. We feel it is important to nurture interest in comics and begin the process of forming careers for these young people as soon as possible. Submissions to BHP Comics in general are open. Please contact subs@bhpcomics.com for more information.

  • I’m a letterer/inker/colourist, can I apply?
    Yes! We encourage people to apply to work on all aspects of comics. These roles are incredibly useful and benefit the industry greatly.

  • I would love to make comics but I don't yet know how or what role I would do. Can I apply?
    Yes. As Full Colour is a mentoring programme we will be running workshops, face to face consultations and educational support for participants at the varying stages of their creative processes. Participants will receive guidance from the team to help them find a role or style of best fit.

  • What genres will you consider?
    For this anthology, we consider all genres of graphic literature and are not specifically looking for works on ethnic identity, though works which focus on identity will be considered. Our specifications only relate to the ethnic identity of creators, not the scope of their work. The submissions must be either a comic or the writing/artwork must be intended to become a comic through our mentoring. Submissions of a violent or sexual nature will be reviewed by both project leads as our intended audience includes individuals under 18.

  • I am a BAME individual, but my creative partner is not. Can we apply as a team?
    We will consider submissions from creative teams which feature BAME individuals. In this instance, we ask for all members of the creative team to follow the submission guidelines and fill in the forms provided. The project leads will use their own discretion to decide whether a creative team is fitting for the anthology.


  • I am not of BAME origin, but I do create comics work. What can I do to be involved?
    As this project will involve bringing creative teams together, there is possibility for collaboration with other participants who are BAME. If you have interest in working in a collaborative capacity, please complete an application following the submission guidelines.


  • Why is this work aimed at BAME creators?

The work is a positive action project that will celebrate BAME creators and aims to shine a light on them. There is a deficit in the representation of ethnic communities in the Scottish comics scene and publishing scene at large. This project aims to support change in line with Creative Scotland’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion aims within arts, screen and creative industries.

  • Why is the term ‘BAME’ being used instead of ‘person of colour’?
    This language is in line with the accepted legal and governmental definitions which utilises the terminology ‘ethnic minority’ or BAME and does not feature the term ‘person/people of colour’. As this is a publicly funded project, we are obliged to use the appropriate language reflective of Positive Action initiatives.

  • I do not fit the brief for this project but I would like to submit work to BHP for another project. How should I apply?
    Submissions to BHP in general are open. Please email subs@bhpcomics.com for further information.

If you have a question which has not been answered by our FAQs, please email nyla@bhpcomics.com for further details.