Dungeon Fun

By Colin Bell and Neil Slorance

May 1st 2019

This is a story of a girl and her sword…

Raised by trolls in the moat of a castle, Fun Mudlifter lives a life of boredom until, one day, when adventure finds her and a sword plummets into her village. Setting off to confront the trolls responsible for the falling items that plague her and her neighbours, Fun begins an off-beat odyssey in which she encounters jobsworth trolls, three-headed beasts, soothsaying shamans and headless barbarians as she valiantly battles her way up through the dungeons to her final goal. 

About the Creators

Colin Bell is an award-winning writer and comics letterer. He is best known for his work on Doctor Who, Dungeon Fun, Curb Stomp, And Then Emily Was Gone and Arcadia. He has worked for such publishers as Titan Comics, Dark Horse, Boom!, Black Mask and Comixtribe. 

Neil Slorance is a Glasgow based illustrator and comic artist. Best known for his work on the award winning all ages comic Dungeon Fun as well as his work with Doctor Who comics.Neil is a political cartoonist for STV and The National Newspaper.

Neil has worked with such clients as The BBC, STV, Titan Comics, The National and Hachette Children's Group.

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A brilliantly upbeat title that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible
— Big Comic Page