Freedom Bound

Freedom Bound


Warren Pleece's graphic novel, Freedom Bound, follows the interconnected stories of three enslaved people living in Scotland before Scots Law proved slavery illegal. From mountainous countryside to the inner city, Freedom Bound explores Scotland's unsettling history of slavery and the injustices perpetrated through the decades.

About Warren Pleece

Warren Pleece is a UK based comics illustrator with over twenty years of experience. He has worked for DC Comics, Vertigo, 2000AD and many more throughout his career, creating both comics and graphic novels. Pleece engages with a range of genres in his work but has a passion for historical fiction.

About the Project

Freedom Bound was created in conjunction with the University of Glasgow with the purpose of educating Scottish young people about the history of slavery in the country. Copies of a special school edition of Freedom Bound have been delivered to every Scottish state secondary school and will be the centre of educational plans and classes, broadening their understanding of Scotland's connections with slavery.

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