About Us


Founded in 2011 as a creators cooperative under the publishing banner Black Hearted Press, we started out making experimental self-published works  before developing into a publishing company in 2014 and rebranding as BHP Comics...

We're an independent publishing house based in Glasgow, Scotland. We make graphic novels and art books from established creators- like Frank Quitely’s Drawings+Sketches, alongside cutting edge new talent, like Dave Cook and Craig Paton’s KILLTOPIA and Gary Chudleigh and Tanya Robert’s award-winning Plagued : The Miranda Chronicles. We also produce comic book events across the country including workshops, talks, exhibitions as well as the critically acclaimed and popular comic book festival – Glasgow Comic Con (est 2011) and ECAF - Edinburgh Comic Art Festival (est 2016).

Sci-Fi. Fantasy. Satire. Comedy. Historical. Factual. Sport. Biographical. We like it all.