About Us


Founded in 2011 as a creators cooperative under the publishing banner Black Hearted Press, we started out handling experimental self-published works from a range of writers and artists before developing into a full-time publishing company in late 2013 and rebranding as BHP Comics...

Currently make from established creators- like Judge Dredd creators John Wagner and Alan Grant’s ‘Rok of the Reds’, alongside cutting edge new talent, like Clare Forrest’s ‘Mighty Women of Science’ and Gary Chudleigh and Tanya Robert’s award-winning ‘Plagued : The Miranda Chronicles’. We also make comic art books- ‘Comic Invention’- a history of the medium created in partnership with the University of Glasgow.

We also produce comic book events across the country including workshops, talks, exhibitions as well as the critically acclaimed and popular comic book festival – Glasgow Comic Con (est 2011) and ECAF - Edinburgh Comic Art Festival (est 2016).

Romance. Sci-Fi. Sport. Satire. Comedy. Historical. Factual. Autobiographical. We create a variety of comics… except superheroes.